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From professional jobs to home projects, Snappy Job is the perfect way to list anything no matter how large or small. You can also browse profiles to see the work history of hardworking individuals and businesses. This gives micro-entrepreneurs and businesses a way to find work, but also gives the lister a way to run a quick background check.

Other job sites require a membership fee, charge hundreds of dollars to post jobs, or have you dig through menus to find a company that they endorse. Snappy Job has no fees, no ads, and no menus to dig through. Local people and businesses can find your listing by simply searching and scrolling.

Perfect For The

There are a lot of small jobs in our lives that could be accomplished on our own, yet we often do not get around to them for years. There are also a lot of people seeking jobs (or second jobs) and those small projects could easily be accomplished if there were a better way to connect to those hardworking individuals. Snappy Job empowers the micro-entrepreneur by giving them the tools to find work on their own.

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